Load Banks

The load resistors (load banks) are the most technically advanced, most reliable and cheapest way to perform load tests on electrical power sources and are used in a variety of applications such as:

The Telema load banks are designed and tailored to the customer’s requirements to optimize, technically and economically, the performances. Specifically, the resistors can have the following characteristics:

Furthermore, the load banks are used whenever is necessary to dissipate energy such as in short circuit tests or energy discharge in large magnet Coil. Just for this last application, Telema has been awarded the prestigious “Gold Award” of the European organization of Nuclear research CERN of Geneve for the quality, the technical competence and the collaboration demonstrated in the design and production of the special dump resistors for the controlled discharge of the largest Superconducting Magnet coil ever built for the newest and largest particle accelerator CMS.